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بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم ۔ کیا آپ نے اس شخص کو دیکھا جو سزا و جزا کو جھوٹلاتا  ہے ؟ یہ وہی ہے جو یتیم کو دھکے دیتا ہے- اور مسکین کو کھانا کھلانے کی ترغیب نہیں دیتا- پس ایسے نمازیوں کے لئے ہلاکت ہے- جو اپنی نماز سے غافل رہتے ہیں- جو ریاکاری کرتے ہیں- اور< ضرورتمندوں کو> معموملی چیزیں دینے سے بھی گریزکرتے ہیں۔ {سورہ ماعون} بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم ۔ کیا آپ نے اس شخص کو دیکھا جو سزا و جزا کو جھوٹلاتا  ہے ؟ یہ وہی ہے جو یتیم کو دھکے دیتا ہے- اور مسکین کو کھانا کھلانے کی ترغیب نہیں دیتا- پس ایسے نمازیوں کے لئے ہلاکت ہے- جو اپنی نماز سے غافل رہتے ہیں- جو ریاکاری کرتے ہیں- اور< ضرورتمندوں کو> معموملی چیزیں دینے سے بھی گریزکرتے ہیں۔ {سورہ ماعون}
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11th Moharram Departure of Caravan of Noblest ladies and children on earth


In the aftermath of the tragic battle of Karbala, came the night of tenth of Moharram the Shaam e Ghareebaan. That night, the sky was red like blood. It was the hardest night for the family of the Prophet. In the emptiness of the desert, they faced the darkness and loneliness of night. Also on this night, Umme Salamah (S.A) had a dream in which she saw the Prophet (S.A.W.W). He was upset and dust was on his head. When Umm Salamah (S.A) asked him why he was so dusty, the Prophet (S.A.W.W) replied, "My son was killed and I was digging a grave for him."

The army of Ibn Saad L.A rushed to loot the tents. The daughters of Mohammad`s (S.A.W.W) family were expelled from the tents, unveiled and barefooted, while grieving for their martyred relatives. The army set all the tents on fire. The aggrieved children who had lost their fathers were beaten. They captured Imam Sajjad (A.S), while he was lying in bed unable to move. Some of the enemy soldiers wanted to kill the Imam, but Zaynab (S.A) came to rescue saying, "You cannot kill him without killing me!". They eventually backed off on orders from Umar ibn Saad L.A.

The enemy decapitated the bodies of the martyrs, threw them to the ground without burial. Then they moved women and children along with the heads of the martyrs to Kufah.

The caravan was in Karbala till noon on 11th Moharram. After noon, they left for Kufa carrying all the women and children. Alas! All members of this pure household were made to trek barefoot, chained, shackled, and taken on camels without saddles, due to which many of the children fell off the camels and the women were not allowed to even stop and help their children. The graves of these children can still be seen in the desert between Karbala and Kufa.

Imam Sajjad (A.S) was 23 years old and severely ill at this time. He was made to walk a large part of the distance between Karbala and Kufa, and then Damascus. Even when he was not walking, he was put on a camel without saddle. Upon reaching Kufa, they were paraded in the streets to show the people that Yazid was victorious. When a large group of people had gathered, Zainab (S.A) said:
"All praises to Allah and blessings to our forefather Muhammad (S.A.W.W)! O, people of Kufah; people of treachery and deception! You cry? May you never end your crying! You carry all of the shame that cannot be washed away again! You have killed the descendants of the Prophet, the Lord`s Claim (against you) of your time, and the light(Nur) of your world. Woe onto you, and you will be humiliated forever!

O people of Kufah! Do you not know what heart of the Prophet you have cut out? Do you not know what honored women of the Prophet`s House you have enslaved and acted against dignity of? Do you not know what blood of the Prophet you have shed? Indeed, you have done so grave an error that nothing will be able to take its place! It will be no wonder if the sky rains blood! And the punishment of the Hereafter is the worst punishment."

Then Imam Sajjad (A.S) moved forward and said: "Praises and thanks to Allaah. Bless the Prophet S.A.W.W. O, people! Whoever knows me knows me, and whoever does not know me, I am `Ali son of Husayn son of `Ali son Abi Talib. I am son of the one whose women are taken captives. I am son of the one whose wealth was looted. I am son of the one who was killed at the Euphrates and that is a great honor for us."

"O, people! I ask you, by God, do you know that you wrote to my father and deceived him? That you gave him a promise and broke it? That you fought against him? Woe unto you! By what eyes can you look at Prophet Muhammad when he tells you: You have killed my family and humiliated my honor. You are not from my nation!"

They were brought to Ibn e Ziyad LA in Kufa, and were kept in the prison there for some days before departing for Damascus. The heads of all the males including that of Hussain`s six month old son were impaled on spear (as war trophies) and paraded through the streets.

On arriving at Damascus, they were paraded in the town, for all to see and shun. A barrage of stones, rubbish and verbal abuse bombarded them. During the journey from Karbala to Kufa, and from Kufa to Damascus, Husain`s sister Zaynab (S.A) bint Ali (A.S) and Umm-Kulthoom (S.A) bint Ali (A.S), and son Ali ibn Husain (A.S)gave various speeches that exposed the truth about Yazid Laeen (May Allaah curse be on him) and told the Muslim world of the various atrocities committed in Karbala. After being brought to Yazid`s (May Allah `s curse be on him) court, Bibi Sayyeda-e-Zaynab (S.A) courageously gave a famous sermon in which she denounced Yazid`s claim to the caliphate and eulogized Husain`s uprising.

The prisoners were held in Damascus for a year. During this year, some prisoners died of grief, most notably Sakina (Salaaamullah Alaiha) binte Hussain Alaihissalaam. The people of Damascus began to frequent the prison, and Sayyeda Zaynab (Salaamullaah Alaiha) and Ali ibn Hussain used that as an opportunity to further propagate the message of Hussain and explain to the people the reason for Hussain`s uprising. As public opinion against Yazid began to foment in Syria and parts of Iraq, Yazid ordered their release and return to Medina, where they continued to tell the world of Hussain`s cause.

The event of Karbala, the capture of women and children of the Household of Prophet, their being taken as prisoners from town to town, and the speeches made by Sayyeda Zaynab (Salaamullaah Alaihaa), the daughter of Ali (Alaihissalaam), who was one of the prisoners, created problems for Umayyah Kingdom. Such attrocities on Household of Prophet (Sallallaahu Alaih Wa Aalihi Wassalaam) nullified the propaganda which Muawiyah(L) had built up for years.

na yazeed ka wo sitam raha,na ziyaad ki wo jafaa rahi.
jo rahaa to naam HUSSAIN ka, jise zinda rakhti hai karbala!