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Monthly Financial Report for the Month of March 2022

Monthly Financial Report for the Month of March 2022

Total Families: 1878
Total Cities: 68
Total Monthly Amount: 22,700,565/-
Other Expenses for Families March 2022 Amount: 3,370,081/-
Grand Total: 26,070,646/-

SFP Appeal to all Momineen in Pakistan and Abroad to Donate for the Noble Cause.

Momineen can contribute to the following schemes:

  • Family Adoption Scheme.
  • Student Adoption Scheme.
  • General Donation Membership Scheme.
  • Nasiran-e-Shohada Membership Scheme.
  • Sadqa Box Scheme.
  • Medical Aid Scheme.
  • Marriage Fund Scheme.
  • Rehablitation Centre Karachi.
  • Serious Injured person.
  • Khums.
  • Fitra.
  • Zakat.

For further details about the above schemes click the link below:

Please note our bank details for online transfer of funds:
Title: Shaheed Foundation Pakistan
Bank: Bank Al Habib Limited,
Branch: Al-Noor Society, Federal B Area Branch, Karachi
Account #: 1016-0081-003466-01-0
Branch Code: 1016
IBAN no: PK72BAHL1016008100346601

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