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بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم ۔ کیا آپ نے اس شخص کو دیکھا جو سزا و جزا کو جھوٹلاتا  ہے ؟ یہ وہی ہے جو یتیم کو دھکے دیتا ہے- اور مسکین کو کھانا کھلانے کی ترغیب نہیں دیتا- پس ایسے نمازیوں کے لئے ہلاکت ہے- جو اپنی نماز سے غافل رہتے ہیں- جو ریاکاری کرتے ہیں- اور< ضرورتمندوں کو> معموملی چیزیں دینے سے بھی گریزکرتے ہیں۔ {سورہ ماعون} بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم ۔ کیا آپ نے اس شخص کو دیکھا جو سزا و جزا کو جھوٹلاتا  ہے ؟ یہ وہی ہے جو یتیم کو دھکے دیتا ہے- اور مسکین کو کھانا کھلانے کی ترغیب نہیں دیتا- پس ایسے نمازیوں کے لئے ہلاکت ہے- جو اپنی نماز سے غافل رہتے ہیں- جو ریاکاری کرتے ہیں- اور< ضرورتمندوں کو> معموملی چیزیں دینے سے بھی گریزکرتے ہیں۔ {سورہ ماعون}
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Shaheed Foundation Pakistan - Management Team

In the name of the Lord of the Martyres (shohada) and Saleheen.

In all the languages of the world, there are few words which encompasses the meaning of (izzat) piety and glory, due to which these words get sacred ness.Some of such words are teacher,scholar,apostle(wali),prophet and imam.

It is quite obvious that the word itself does not contain the sacredness but there is something hidden in that word which gives it (sharafat) and glory.

In Islam, the word 'shaheed' is a word which contain sacredness and glory, therefore the use of this word brings the same impression in our mind.

Shaheed Murtaza Muthahari pays tribute to a martyre in these words:

Shaheed means one who:

  • lits himself to remove the darkness
  • gives his life to protect the truth
  • brings in sight , the hidden face of falsehood by sheding his blood. In fact,
  • he gives his life in the way of God that's why He also bestow eternal life and living on him.

What's a glorious status what's a high repute !

Yes, the people who have been martyred have a very high status because they gave there lives for the servival of humanity,(istehkam) and spread of religion.


  • do we have any responsibility in this regard?
  • do they have any right on us?

    do the relatives of the martyres(who were the sole bread earners)such as parents, widows and children have any right on us as a millat ?


These 'shohadas' are an asset of a millat, therefore, propagating about there services and paying tribute to them gives life to the millat and this is only possible if on one hand you bring in light their sacrefices the cause because of which they had shed their blood and on the other hand helping the bereived families and giving them their true status in society.

This is the path of SYEDA ZAIYNAB (SAA) and SYED-E-SAJJAD(AS), who propa-gated the cause of the tragedy of KARBALA ,explained the tyranny of yazid on every step and helped the widows and orphans of the Shohadas by helping them and giving them very high status in the sight of God. In this way they had foiled the tactics of enemy and the tyrant was unable to counter their strategy even with the might of government met a historic defeat.

Today, the era of tyranny and barbanianism has again started and the enemy is sheding the person of milat-e-tasshi. Any where and every where now it is needed to act on path of SYEDA ZAIYNAB (SAA) and SYED-E-SAJJAD(AS).

On Acting on both these basis We Have Established Shaheed Foundation as the Desires and the abilities of milat may be utilized in this path.

Shaheed Foundation Pakistan Is A Non Political, Welfare Organization.

SFP's core structure comprises a ​C​entral ​C​ommittee (CC) under the supervision of Nigran Committee. Nigran itself constitutes of Ulamas (Religious Scholars) and Technocrats. Nigran have full control over all structures and operations of the foundation.

Shaheed Foundation Pakistan is the first dedicated Shaheed Organization for the Society, offering the fastest way to bring every body on the same platform. www.shaheedfoundation.org is the perfect complementary website to your Favorites.

www.shaheedfoundation.org bridges the gap between Shaheed and Public.

We hope that you will find www.shaheedfoundation.org a useful addition to your favorites.

Shaheed Foundation Pakistan - Orgnational Structure:
Shaheed Foundation Pakistan - Orgnational Structure

Nigran Committee
Nigran Committee is responsible for issues / matters / advice related to religious matters.

Nigran Committee Members:
Allama Syed Baqar Abbas Zaidi
Allama Syed Ahmed Iqbal Rizvi
Allama Hafiz Syed Muhammad Haider Naqvi

Central Committee
New Central Committee was established on 14th June 2020, it has been just over a year. Central Committee is responsible for normal everyday working matters of Shaheed Foundation Pakistan. Some of the achievements are listed below:
  • Published SFP Calendar - which was on halt for long
  • HR Policy 2021
  • Office Shifted to newly established building

Central Committee Members:
  • Syed Hossein Hosseini s/o Shaheed Allama Arif Al Hussaini
  • Syed Salman Naqvi s/o Shaheed Dr. Mohammad Ali Naqvi
  • Mohammad Hani s/o Shaheed Allama Ghulam Amini
  • Zahid Hussain b/o Shaheeda Syeda Shaheen Zaidi
  • Abbas Ali
  • Ali Zaidi
  • Faizan Askari

  • Department of Family Matters
  • Education Department
  • Medical Department
  • Tablighat Department
  • Publications Department
  • Finance Department
  • Accounts Department
  • Information Technology Department

Shaheed Foundation Pakistan Official Social Media:
Official Website: https://www.shaheedfoundation.org
Official Facebook Page: SFP Facebook Official Page
Twitter: SFP Twitter Official Page
Twitter: SFP Twitter Official News Page
YouTube Channel: SFP Official YouTube Channel
Official SMS: SFPAK

Family Support Infromation as per May 2021
Total Families: 1920
Total Cities: 66
Total Monthly Amount: 22,551,754/-
Other Expenses for Families May 2021 Amount: 10,029,132/-
Grand Total: 32,580,886/-

Bank Details
Title: Shaheed Foundation Pakistan
Bank: Bank Al Habib Limited,
Branch: Al-Noor Society, Federal B Area Branch, Karachi
Account #: 1016-0081-003466-01-0
Branch Code: 1016
IBAN no: PK72BAHL1016008100346601

Contact us:
Finance Department: +92 300 4728444
+92 344 7424333
Email: info@shaheedfoundation.org
Website: www.shaheedfoundation.org

Head Office:
Address: R 1130 / 20, Incholi Society, F.B Area 20, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: (+92) 021-36366335

Markaz e Asar Shohada Pakistan
Address: B 126 Rizvia Society Phase 2, opp. kiran Hospital, Sector 34-A, Schame 33, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: (+92) 021-34159214-5

Collection Point:
Address: Shop no 5, Clinton Garden, Soldier Bazar No 3, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: (+92) 021-32243776

For International Donors click this link:

Shaheed Foundation Pakistan - Management Team