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  • City: Karachi
  • Date & Time: 05 Feb 2010 at 04:12:00 PM
  • No# Of Martyrs: 14
  • No# Of Injured Persons: 50
Mourners bus attacked
SFP News
February 5, 2010, 1700hrs

At least 14 Moumineen were Shaheed and over 50 Moumineen were injured when a powerful explosion occurred in an Azadar vehicle on Sharah-e-Faisal of Karachi. The Blast occurred in a Bus coming from Hussaini Sifarat Khana Malir and taking momineen to Imam Hussain Chahlum procession.

Injured have been shifted to Jinnah Hospital. Various injured are in critical state. All the casualties have been moved from the Blast scene.

According to eyewitnesses, a motorcyclist hit the ill-fated vehicle to cause the mishap. The bus was completely damaged in the Blast. The Jinnah Hospital sources confirmed at least 14 deaths and more then 50 injured.

After the Blast, Moumineen gathered to protest and raised slogans. Moumineen in large number gathered at Jinnah Hospital as well. Please pray for swift recovery of injured momineen Details are being gathered and would be uploaded as soon as they are available.

Martyrs have been identified:
1. Zain s/o Shahab
2. Ali Salman s/o Tauqir
3. Hasnain s/o Zahid
4. Hasan s/o Fasih
5. Ali s/o Shane Hussain
6. Hasan Zahid s/o Zahid
7. Ahmed s/o Saeed
8. Anjum s/o Mohammed Hussain
9. Tauqir s/o Zamir
10. Baber s/o Zahid
11. zamir
12. Anwer Abbas s/o Ghulam Abbas
13. Shahid s/o Rajab
14. Zain s/o Mughal Ali

We will update as soon as we receive information about this blast.
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